The People Capital Project s.a.

The Choice between Development Wish Lists and Actual Solutions.

This specific project has been documented in the form of an acoustic and especially tacit-knowledge-propulsion based Infrastructural cum Industrialisation Development Curriculum for Africa, if not all ACP Ex-Colonies. Our failure to produce an invariably wanted 1.500 word comprehensive solution to tackle the complexities surrounding development hurdles led to this program that consists of 7 manuscripts, under 3 headings, with the self-explanatory titles:-


• Book 1 : Economic Shock Therapy : Good cause for Scenario Planning (100.148 words)


• Book 2 : Introduction : The Vision, as a Video-like Rehearsal of the Future (122.847)

• Book 3 : The People Capital Perspective-1 : Operational (100.222)

• Book 4 : The People Capital Perspective-2 : Professional (99.348)


• Book 5 : Kinetics and Dynamics of Development (120.233)

• Book 6 : Parameters of Change (143.985)

• Book 7 : Edunomics : The Generation of Product (185.651)

From a Philosophical Perspective

In short: The answer lays in “Good Institutions”, meaning laws, customs and traditions, which package is meant to promote economic and social progress. “Bad Institutions” hamper economic and social progress, whilst creating anarchy and a corrupt society. In contrast, “Good Institutions” provide the incentive structure of a socio-economy.

Question: Isn’t it high time that Africa and all ACP Ex-Colonies, with their multiples of growing populations, reinvent themself? Isn’t that why lifestyles need to be re-designed? Moreover, to become a place where no one’s fate is decided by other than one’s self!!!???

Therefore: “Where there is no answer, change the problem”


*The significant problems that we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that caused it*